Any one likes WWE...who's your favorite wrestler??

Question:just let me know I love all the wrestlers..what do you think




Always has been and always will be The Undertaker.

Great Khali VS Rey Misterio VS Hornswoggle Vs Austin Powers Mini-me?

randy orton

Which site have the vidoes and tapings for all of the shows?

undertaker FTW!


Triple HHH is my favorite wrestler.

Hey is he really scary or wat?

the undertaker

Who would win. Big Show, Andre the Giant, Great Khali, or Yokozuna?

the rock is my favorite wrestler

Where can I watch the batita undertaker match at backlash?

Raw: HHH
Smackdown: Edge, Chris Benoit
ECW: CM Punk

Who else is looking forward to Umaga destoying Lashley at Backlash?

Jeff Hardy all the way!

Does anyone know if Randy [Orton] has cheated on me?

i love wwe i have never missed a show when i have cable lol right now i chouldnt get jd so i m on there web site hiting refresh every 5 mins waiting on news but my favs for raw r john cena and dx ecw kevin thorne and the orginals (heart broken over ariel getting let go) sd r undertaker kane and boogeyman

Whaddya think of this video of DX and Rated Rko??

Stone Cold Steve Austin N Undertaker

Guys only diva question?

Well I have to go old school with this answer but I have to say Ric Flair. In the 80's he dominated and there was no better alliance in wrestling than the original 4 Horsemen.

Who would've liked to seen jerry lawler throw fire at that over grown baboon kahli?

I have alot of favorite wrestlers first of all I will answer your Q about Maria. I think she's cute, sweet and plays a dumb blonde very well. Her wrestling ability is ok she's semi-tough. My favorite wrestlers are:
Randy Orton
John Cena
Rey Mysterio
Jeff hardy
Mr. Kennedy 8. Kane
Chris Benoit
Mickie james
Torrie Wilson
Ric Flair

These are my favs. but there not ordered

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