Question:1)Who thinks that Dx Babe♥MewMew LaLa Mode is weird?She's obsessed with the phrase "Suck It" and she's obsessed with Suckin It
2)Who remembers me?I havent been here in a while and i'm curious
3)When will Bobby Lashley go back to ECW for good.He's really getting annoying


Does John Cena bathe in the morning?

1 shes probably horny lol or maybe its just a phase lol but who am i to talk about being obsessed.

2.sorry i wasent lookin at the user name but idk if i no u lol do u no me? OH YEAH I DO NO U! ARMY DUDE! HEY MISSD YA!

3. i hope he gose back soon.

Who is The Great Khali manger was he Muhammad Hassan.?

1. It's a bit strange.but I've seen a heckuva lot worse.

2. I remember your name.

3. Lashley should go back to ECW and stay there.

Can you blame Jeff?

1) She's a little strange but she does love DX, so she's obviously really smart.
2) I don't
3) Lashley is on ECW he just goes on Raw because Vince is there and he wants the belt back.

I just read!!!!!?

1. Maybe she likes to Suck It
2. I do. You've been on my contact list for quite some time.
3. Why? He's not hardcore. But then again, very few people currently on the ECW roster are. Oh Well.

My question is to those who watch wrestling is whats good?whats bad ? and could be done to improve wwe?

Im Not Gonna Answer The 1st 2, But ECW Doesnt Get Enough Of A Rating For That To Happen So It Will Be Whenever ECW Gets Better Ratings

Do you think Edge was better in RAW or that he will be good in Smackdown! ( he used to be in Smackdown! )?

1. She seem normal to me.
2. kind of
3. I could only wish

Nominating victoria for the ugliest~woman ever entered pro wrestling?

no she is not!!
not me


2)i do

3)probally when the feud between him and vince ends

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