A few questions for cool people...?

Question:1.Is Cena a bore,a boar or both?
2.Cena or Masters?(match)
3.Cena or Carlito?(match)
4.Cena or Nitro?(match)
5.Nitro or Orton (bigger ego)
6.MVP or Cena (match)


Didn't you hate it when The Boogeyman rained on The Miz's parade after this match?

1. Cena is a little of both...but still good enough to keep little girl's butts in the seats

2. Cena will win...but I'll be pulling for Masters

3. Cena

4. Nitro

5. Nitro

6. MVP

Who do you think would win in a wrestling match between Bobby Lashley and Batista? Who would you want to win?

Bore... Boars dont $uck!!
jeez.. hard! but.. Masters
MVP... what do u expect?!

How many others?


John Cena Vs The Great Khali?

Masters. all hail Chris Masters
Nitro My ego is bigger then both of them together

Being shorted 1 Beef N' Cheddar at Arby's when yet they ordered 4, who'd raise more hell on the employees?

where/when does the cool people part come in?

Are MVP, Chris Benoit, and RVD the only people that actually bring entertainment to wwe?

1.Is Cena a bore,a boar or both? Hes a total jackass with 5 moves and a sh!t gimmick
2.Cena or Masters? Masters
3.Cena or Carlito? Carlito
4.Cena or Nitro? Nitro
5.Nitro or Orton - Nitro, Orton isnt like that in real life its his CHARACTER. Nitro cause hes got Melina... one lucky guy
6.MVP or Cena MVP cause hes ... BALLIN'!!

Is Mickie Lee the one everyone calls a psycho on here?

1. Neither
2. Cena
3. Cena
4. Cena
5. Nitro
6. Cena

Who else is happy?

1. Cena's getting to be a bore...
2. Cena
3. Cena
4. Nitro (I think he has more talent, just needs a push)
5. Orton..by a mile
6. Cena (MVP is getting better though)

Vickie Guerrero 'GM' storyline to go ahead after all? [SPOLERS INSIDE!]?

1. Boar :S
2. Cena
3. Carlito
4. Nitro
5. Orton
6. MVP

What happened?

1 both
2 snore...zzzzzzzzz
3 wa wa wa
4 snort
5 Orton should not go against a diva(you know what he does to divas)
6 If that match ever happened they would mess it up and have someone interfere

Which wrestler is next in line to bang~it which ashley?







what do you expect? he sucks ***

Hbk or william regal?

He is Awesome
Both suck(so does edge)

Any Bold Predictions for Judgement Day?

1. Bore. he sucks and has 5 moves
2. Master
3. Carlito
4. Nitro
4. Orton has a bigger ego
5. MVP

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