Why is WWE releasing everyone?

now they will run out of superstars..well they wont but they are.!


Which do you like better?

As the person above me stated, Steph McMahon is taking over an official backstage role (that she was basically filling out anyway before getting the officious title to go along with it.)

I think she's made some good firings, the only one I can truly not get behind is the firing of Ariel. She was a great vallet for Kevin Thorn, and she filled a purpose within ECW. Why not fire the Expose sluts instead? They do nothing for ECW except supply it with out-of-step and slutty dancing to kill time that could be used pushing someone or putting on a good match. I honestly don't get why the do that, it's not like they have two hours to play with.

Anyway, the firing of Scotty 2 Hotty (or as I call him, Lefty 1 Nutty) was long overdue. He's a dead weight curtain jerker, and I expect more like him to be released in the upcoming weekend and into the following week.

Who would win giant godzales or the great khali i mean you know why this makes a good match?

Trimming the fat off their payroll. However, it is at ECW's expense

What is the real name of The great Kali ?

rvd released himself (his choice)
the others deserved it for being losers..

The History of the Undertaker DVD?

Because Vince doesn't want them anymore

A fantasy wrestling Female Faction?

well i think there taking people out to put new better people when but it sucks that there leting so many people go.


I know, I'm pissed

Have you Cena nuff' of John Cena?

They keep Snisky and release guys like Sabu and others.

What are the top 10 WWE songs you like the best?

They're not shy on talent with their developmental companies, but they are starting to let go some of their more popular, albeit older, wrestlers.

Do you think that TNA will end up being better than WWE if they go to 2 hours?

Budget cuts most likely..Getting rid of alot of dead weight. Wish Vince would wake up and get rid of the biggest pile of dead weight..JOHN CENA!!!!

10 points for the lucky person part 2!?

Well first, Stephanie is head of hiring and firing stars.She fired Ariel I guess b/c no women's division is ECW.She fired Scotty 2 Hotty b/c he wasn't being used on Smackdown at all. Vito was fired I guess b/c they didn't want to use him on ECW or Smackdown. RVD was released b/c he did drugs and wouldn't resign to a new deal. Sabu was released b/c he felt the same way that RVD did about the whole drug situation. All I know is Taker is out for 8 months, Kane out for rehabbing, Kennedy is out for couple of weeks, so WWE needs talent for all the shows.BRING IN ERIC YOUNG, DUDLEY BOYZ,NEW AGE OUTLAWS, amd LANCE HOYT.

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