About WWE's Recent Firings?


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Who would win?

It has been stated that Stephanie McMahon-Levesque is ready to make an impact with her new promotion.

So far, notables including Ariel (the vampire girl on ECW) and Scotty 2 Hotty (remember the worm?) have been let go. Sabu (the death defying homicidal, suicidal guy on ECW) is also gone.

If guys you know are getting fired, then imagine how everyone backstage feels. Indeed, there are fears about who is going to be let go next. Vince McMahon has the final say, but he usually agrees with the billion dollar princess.

Which would be more exciting ?

fire 80% of all rosters..
do it vince!

see vince listens to me

What do you think of my tribute to Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Scotty 2 Hotty and Nicky I can understand but Ariel was a surprise.Ariel helped out Kevin Thorns overall character and now he wont be as interesting w/o her.

Orton or Hbk to smackdown?

go to


it is the old obsessedwithwrestling, exact same, with a few updates, the reason it changed was coz some guy gae obbsessedwithwrestling to his friend to look after and he stole the site pretty much, but onlineworldofwrestling is the exact same!

anyway bout ur qustion... its stupid... Sabu, Ariel, Scotty, Nick, Vito and soon to be RVD, maybe Sandman aswell. WWE is getting stupider!

What Happened to Kid Kash and will he come back to the wwe.?

nicky got fired to?
wow this is ridiculous

How many watched?

Releasing Ariel was the biggest mistake ever. Stephanie fires Ariel (reeks of jealousy) and wants to push a worthless unknown like Daniel Rodimer. It just goes to show you that Steph, just like Vince has no clue what the fans want,
Where is usty Rhodes who is the main booker in ECW? How come Dusty doesnt stand up for Ariel? I guess the American Dream is nothing but a freakin yes man.
Dont worry about Torne's charecter because he will probably get released same goes for Shelton Benjamin.
But hey atleast we have Eugene, the Boogeyman, and ECW Champ Vince McMahon.

Go to hell Vince. I hope your neptism ruins the rest of your company and you end up in jail for dumping your stocks, or living on the street with your thick legged cow ho of a daughter.

What do you think was AJ Styles best rivalry?

Following in Daddy's footsteps I see.

They're both out screwing people over trying to fatten their own pockets.

Hahaha doesn't it suck~to be randy orton?

Its because of the macmaohns but more because of stephanie because she is angry

When will the next diva search contest be for the WWE?

this is a bummer!!!!

Which clothesline was more brutal?

I don't like her either she's too much of a sleeze. Wrestling is fake and scripted.

Why did brock lesner quit wwe?

I'm more creative than that sob Stephanie McCock!

Whatever happened to Rick Steiner? And, why do they let steroid user Scott Steiner wrestle?

She's gotta make room on the roster for her baby.

Other than that fact, the silver spoon turned rusty.

It's tragic to see Scorpio and Ariel gone. Conway, pssh, Scotty, Psssh, Nicky, PSSSSSSSSSSH, and Sabu, iuno what Stephanie was smoking at that time, but w.e, so long as we bring back Jericho =D

What is, or where can I find the Internet Presale Password for WWE in Prescott Valley, AZ?

RVD is Fired!


wwe is screwed!

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