When will Tajiri come back?

Question:He's way better than most people in wwe like:
orton, cena, lashley, carlito, matt hardy, jeff hardy, batista, mark henry, chad, jtg, kendrick, london, etc.


You think we will ever see a tna or wwe world champion go on the other with the belt.?

Tajiri was released from WWE at some point in the first half of last year which is probably why he's not featured in Smackdown Vs Raw 2007.

I believe he's back working at NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling), but I'd love to see him sign for TNA at least.

Hardy Boyz and a question?

im pretty sure he isnt coming back

Who in WWE and Indy's should go to TNA?

yea, he might not come back
and if he does he might be going to TNA
btw he's not better than lashely or cena

How many total Champion ships are there?? and who has each one now??

You can never say never in pro wrestling, but his character was basically buried so he could be released. In the original ECW, he was so good and it just may be TNA will want to pick him up and give him the push he deserves.

When is ??

he wont comeback
he is wrestling in his home country of japan

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