Any other guys hate Kenny Dykstra or just me?

because he is engaged to mickie james


2 questions.?

the only reason he is around is because it is engaged to the cash cow Mickie James. WWE would dump him in less than a second if it were not for her

How long will THE NEW ECW champ V.K.M. hold his title reighn?

yes, but we can have stacy kiebler

Who is the better answerer John Cena or Swimmer?

He hasn't been on Raw lately, has he? They might just be wasting him.

YES! Take a look if you want to see something awesome. ( click her for news )?

kenny dykstra is a duecebag
i hate him
i really do
i hate him with all my guts
go kane!!!!

What is harder to believe?

well i dont, he's the future of wwe...

Someone told me today that raw was coming to boston in august, is this true?

I think he is ok

Why dont they give Finlay a match at Judgement Day 2007?

Oh,i dont like Mickie James so he's okay.

I have been wondering something for about 2-3 yrs.?

i dont like him either. i wonder if hes an idiot outside the ring too?

Do you think they should bring back the Juniors?

No,I do not hate him.He has a great lady,I just hopes he takes good care of her.

If brains were gasoline would the cena fan angelena have enough to power a moped around a penny i doubt it?

no because he could be the future of the business.
hes a loser now but in 5 years or so he could be another undertaker or lashley or cena or hhh or micheals or batista or kane or umaga or w/e

What website can i watch WWE Backlash 4 free online?

Great athlete

Are the tattos on Umaga's face real?

no i also hate him

Does anyone know how to make Bret Hart's sunglasses?

oh my god, they killed Kenny!!
You bastards!!

Who won the Judment Day thing?

Kenny Dykstra sucks *

Bobby lashley or batista in an i quit match?

Not really he needs SOMETHING going his way in life

Who is the wrestler playing pro wrestling greatly with named as same his father's name?

i hate him, cocky,good and FORMERLY gay

but its good that hes not like that in real life, wat a lucky guy, having mickie james as a girlfriend

I read chris masters is getting a push?

Months ago he made a good decision by parting from the Spirit Squad(Pom Pom Boys).He decided to be alone and I like it.He performs good moves.He is a great dirty superstars.
But when he was in rivalry with Ric Flaire,then I hated that idiot!

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