#1 fan Hannah Montana why are you being so annoying?


Will Edge vs Orton happen on next monday night raw?

she hates wrestling
just ignore her and she will get tired sooner or later

Witch bret hart match is your fav?


Does anyone know the website where you can create South Park wrestlers?

I haven't even seen her around, and i'm a usual here.

With All These Realeases,Do You Think.?

She's a Hannah Montana teenie bopper. She doesn't even watch wrestling.

I heard magicmarker and norkdust are really getting it on in their relationship?

because obviously if she watches hannah montanna shes only like...10!


"Hannah Montana"

Is/was Torrie Wilson married to Billy Gunn?

cuz she hannah montana FREAK! ,the singer shouldnt even b singing!!, SHE SUKZ!! but has a rich dad or something

shes such a f*aG, I CANT b lieve she was fans..(prob only 1)

#1 fan Hannah Montana SUKZ, she does not watch wwe, only gay hannah monfuka!

Which is better: WWE or TNA?


Have you watched any Ring Of Honor matches/shows?

lol because she likes that fruit Hannah Montana what do you think?

she can't be very old either if that's the type of TV she watches. So obviously shes quite immature.
Ignore her, she will get bored.

Is there any way I can remove that sign from the crowd in SD vs. RAW 2006?

well either way, she cant be more than 11 because that show is like 4 little kids. she isnt even that good of a singer so i dont get y people like her & her music!

What is john cena's..?

Cos she's a sock account who has no life. However if she isn't a sock account (which I think she is) she probably still recovering from that porno shoot that she did which her grandfather and her dog.
She told me it was called Necro-Bestiality 3!
She enjoyed it as well!

Will ECW will be high rated at this rate?

u have never heard of hanna montana! its on disney channel!! umm not tht i watch disney lol heh.. but she annoys me to i havent done anything to her and she hates me

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