Anybody think CM Punk will ever get ECW Title?

He's pretty much one of the biggest stars on ECW besides the originals and lashley. so anybody else think he should get the belt at some time or another.


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I hope he will have soon a big push. He is a good wrestler I really like his style. I think he'll become great superstar in WWE ...

Who can see an Elimination Chamber match in the near future?


Cm Suck, sucks.

OMG amazing?

maybe in the future

Who'd you root for in this match?

i do cm punk is the best in ecw and deserves it because not alot is going on with him now

Why RAW dominates WWE?

CM punk should be ECW champion

Why do so many people hate Hulk Hogan?

Yes and I personally think that he is bigger than the Originals right now. The top 5 on ECW:

1. Lashley
2. CM Punk
3. Rob Van Dam
4. Elijah Burke
5. Mr. McMahon


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WWE Return?

Vince is going to hand the belt to Elijah Burke, he's had a few rough weeks and is going to start a 'fued' with Cm Suck ... At One night Stand he loses to CMSuck you happy?

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I don't thnik ECW will last long enough for him to win the belt.

Who do u think will win the World Heavyweight Title at Judgement Day?


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