Ain't I the best heel here in the wrestling section of .?

Question:I am now the new king here on , and I will tell Yahoo to switch this worthless wrestling section to the Holla M rules section. Now what will you loserz do when that happens. Oh I know, tell WWE, ECW, and TNA to go out of business, and start tuning into UFC all the time, so you can see ppl like Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Jorge Rivera, and a lot more.

UFC, Holla M, UFC loverz, and Fake wrestling haterz RULEZ
WWE, ECW, TNA, UFC haterz and Fake wrestling loverz DROOLZ.

From your #1 dude and king here on ,
Holla M


Triple H is..??

I used to watch wrestling as a kid. But mma is so much better then a fake, scripted play. Pride would own UFC by the way

Which teams would work better in todays tag divisions and do you think they would bring any back?

George Bush is

Is he strong?

Dude, as much as like UFC, u are really high right now. wreslting will never die, wish i could say the same thing with UFC

Who here thinks that Swimmer is such an annoying loser?

nope, ive seen worst...


and ur this.. keiran adullah WANNABE too!!!

Have cena fans accepted the fact that cena will never be in the same league as the rock austin bret and taker?

good heels don't praise themselves..

How do u put mp3 songs onto a DVD RW using Nero..?

You aint no king.You can't even star people!

Judgement Day= Khali?

mmm... sure lol

Where should i order pizza from during the PPV...Dominoes or Pizza Hut?

No, but you sound like a douche.

By the way "Independant" wanted to pass a message to you, he said:

"About last night. It was great. But you need to get rid of your Hemorrhoids. I mean afterwards, I had blood all over me!!
It was gushing dammit! It was gushing!"

He continues:

"Look I was doing some research, I found something:

Anusol is an over-the-counter medication that can be used to treat hemorrhoids.

Here's the website:"

He also said that he wanted more fun tonight ,and that he wanted you to bring your dog - a German Sheppard.

Who is your favorite tag team?

In your dreams loser. This section will never be yours. Wrestling is fake and scripted and so are you.

Worst World Tag team Champs ever?

If by "king" you mean "virgin with no life," you're dead on.

Mae Young's hand, David Arquette, and the 'Gooker think you're a joke.

This ? is for all wrestling fans. How creative are you?

Independent kid is the worst

besides he has finally got enough balls to take on me

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