Any Bold Predictions for Judgement Day?

Question:Any predictions that you have that go against what you are hearing here on Yahoo? feel free to share.

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i strongly believe MVP will win because i dont see why they would make him face Benoit in a ppv for a THIRD time without making him win

Cena will win because he always overcomes the odds & The Great Khali had the upperhand on him on RAW. Its a common move by the WWE. 90% of the time the person who loses/gets beat up before the PPV wins the match at the PPV.

Why is the WWE holding these superstars back?

MVP wins US (its about time, this feud is boring), Edge retains

What Is Booker T Injured With?

cena will beat khali
edge will beat batista
the mcmahons will beat lashley
benoit will beat MVP
ric flair will beat carlito

Do you think Umaga will ever turn on Estrada?

Jugment day is just for losers dumbs @ss. wrestling is fake.

Who would win?

Well I am not hearing anybody saying that Bobby Lashley will be getting his ECW title back. Wich is pretty obvious. And I also think that Chris Benoit will win and The Great Khali will also win the WWE title but it will be very close.

Which John Cena gimmick is better??

edge retains due to mark henry interfering
cena retains when he FUs Khali
Lashley hopefully wipes the mcmahons and umaga off the face of the earth
carlito wins using one of flair's old tricks
HBK wins via Sweet chin Music
Tossup between benoit and MVP

Do you think E & C will get back together?

What I want:
- John Cena defeats Great Khali and retains the WWE Championship, and then the Rock comes out and defeats Cena for the WWE title
- Batista defeats Edge and wins the World Heavyweight Championship
- Lashley def. Mc Mahons and Umaga and wins the ECW World Championship
- Chris Benoit defeats MVP and retains the United States Championship
- CM Punk defeats Elijah Burke
- Shawn Michaels defeats Randy Orton
- Ric Flair defeats Carlito

What I predict:
- John Cena defeats Great Khali and retains the WWE Championship
- Edge defeats Batista and retains the World Heavyweight Championship
- Bobby Lashley defeats Mc Mahons and Umaga and wins the ECW World Championship
- MVP defeats Chris Benoit and wins the United States Championship
- Elijah Burke defeats CM Punk
- Shawn Michaels defeats Randy Orton
- Ric Flair defeats Carlito

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the only match i care about is the benoiy vs mvp
mvp will be the next u.s champ

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