Anybody else excited about RKO vs. HHH?


Can Smackdown's cruiserweight divison be reborn again?

I am ! :) But does that mean DX are over?! :(

What's Teddy Long's problem with Montel Vontavious Porter aka MVP?


Has anyone ever made their own wrestling ring?

Doesn't matter who wins because they both suck.

Besides Wrestlemania 22, which one of these was your favourite 2006 PPV?

no because the feud already ran its course in 04 from unforgiven to royal rumble 05 and those guys dont suck rko is awesome and trips is aight


No hes not back yet and I heard RKO is going over to smack down

Hell in the cell?

Not me. We had that a few years ago and they ended it early because the fans didn't like it.

Tell me the strongest 10 men in WWE by ranking?

It will be Good if that happens.Better for World HeavyWeight or wwe title.

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