1 Man Crusade, Crude or Swimmer?

Question:Who is the gayest out of the 3.

Who is most likely to commit sucide

And who would u assasinate if u could.


When will Edge get his chance at the WWE title?

Dude why dont you do what these people are telling you. If you feel that i am that damn annoyin, then just ignore me and everybody else who annoys you. This is just my personality and my swagger. If i had to pick who is gay, to commit sucide and pick someone i could assinate it would be you.

Where were you when you watched your first pro wrestling match?



and You.

'Taker tore his bicep?

I dont like Crude or Swimmer but what does this have to do with wrestling?

Does Paul London look like two different people...?


and how was i being explict?
if i was then, sorry.

Do you love John Cena??

swimmer because he/she is so annoying

What did Carlito say to Tori?

you need to stop talking about people you jerk

Who do you think has a real good pasion for wwe doesn't brag helps out a good man very genourous?

Swimmer is the fattest.

Thinking about joining the wrestling team?

Crude is Greatest

Swimmer is Worst

ECW originals vs. McMahon...good storyline?

1) Swimmer, I get bored of his answers and i always start to puke when i see his Avatar, and how come he is a top contributor in wrestling when he always says Wrestling is fake, i dont understand this.
2) Crude, he would do anything such as: Rioting on the streets, lol.
3) Man Crusade, he's better than the soo called swimmer, that fat wannabe to pick from.

What indy star would you like to see on WWE or TNA?

Why would you want to assisinate them?

Undertaker or SCSA? ( ston cold steve austin is SCSA )?

What is your wrestling question? You loser and after me and my daughter were done with you there would be nothing left. Don't mess with Swimmer or fear the outcome. Gayest huh I'm all 100% woman. You are going to want to committ suicide when you start to feel the wrath of me. Assassinate would be you loser. You're on my hater list.

Does anyone know if the big show will possibly return?

you're not cool enough for me to answer your questions..

For WWE Kane Fans Who Haven't Yet?

I thought this was meant to be like a wrestling forum?

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