Am I hated that much?

People are posting questions about me, saying i am to arrogant and pointless and that i am vulgar. Do you think i am that. I just want to kno the truth.



eh, around here, consider it a compliment

that means you are a good "heel" if nothing else

OMG i still cant believe this,don't you think that wwe has made an excellent move by making edge the whw champ

Don't know who you are?

What is this song?

I dunno...Ive never read one of your questions...but if they are posting that stuff...then maybe you are...

You're kidding me?

nah, iv'e seen some of ur answers. U just speak ur mind.

And that same guy said i was "explict"

How do they do it?

Dunno but you spelt victims wrong in your profile

Are you guyz buyin wrestlemania 23 dvd ? i had ordered my copy with carlitos new t-shirt what abt u guyz?

I don't have a problem with you.

Which pro wrestlers are atheist?

lol you are so funny, come on don't be sad, nobody can tell you the truth about yourself in here. We don't even really know each other.

You shouldn't care anyway.

The truth is in your heart.

Who here likes Super Gay-z?yes or no y?

no you are a good guy

Who do you think will de-throne Melina for the WWE Women's Championship?

No way dude your cool. glad someone has the guts to say it how it is. I'm sick to death of all the bleeding politically correct do gooders.
Keep up the good work !

What happen to Brock? He's been gone for long?

how can they judge like that they don,t know you.that well. they are mean.



In Backyard wrestling are matches scripted?

who are you?

BREAKING NEWS: ECW's Sabu Released?

i have no problems with you.

What are some sites that deal with the history of world championship wrestling?

You give the distinct impression of not giving a f**k what anyone thinks. Why should it bother you now?

What do u think of the outsiders?

I really don't ever see u on here

What do you think?

You're just a douche

Jeff Hardy?

I've never seen you, but you seem like a nice guy :)

Isn't this a perfect example of the average Cena fan?

LOL nobody can get to know you as a person on the internet mate, those you judge you and accuse you of things are sad and have no expierence of the real world.
Ignore them.

Edge vs Batista?

you're a wrestling fan mate & that's good enough for me.

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