3 question?

Question:1.is gregory helms and hurricane is the same person
2.can u tell me some superstar in wwe friend in real life
3.why they make randy lose all his matches


What do you think of this song?

1) Yes
2) Paul Levesque (Triple H) and Michael Shawn Hickenbottom (Shawn Michaels)
3) Because they don't know how to appreciate his talent

What wrestling section person is lamer MaKaveli or Independent?

1. Yes
2. If you mean by which wrestlers are really friends in real life, I hear orton and cena are tight.
3. Probably getting punished by WWE for some of his recent behavior.

Everyone here said Batista was going to win, turns out...?

1)yes he just changed his gimmick and transfered to smackdown

2)chavo guerrro & gregory helms are good friends i hear

3)becuase vince probally hates him and doesnt want to fire him.but they might make him win his judgement day match though =)

Whats going to happen with the steel cage match this Friday?

1) yes
2) hhh & hbk, edge & christan, RVD & sabu, jbl & booker t, nitro & melina (dating)
3) idk but idc

Who thinks that the writers of WWE needs new storylines?


2.HHH and HBK, Orton and Mick Foley are like brother and son

3.Cuz he almost got arrested for destroying a hotel room in England

I no john cena and randy orton where like best friends?

1. Yes
2. Chavo and Rey Mysterio
3. Randy Ortan is getting punished for trashing a hotel room the damages were over $50,000

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