What wrestler past or present has the sickest ending move? Sickest set up move ?

Can include all wrestlers from RAW,Smackdown,ECW and TNA? Please answer both questions ,thank you.nothing stupid please


How much does Umaga weigh?

i have to say petey williams the canadian destroyer sickest move on the planet.

Plzz sombody temme a site to?

Supa fly Jimmy snucka..off the cage!

Is cena the new barney?

when big show and brock lesnar jumped from the top of the ring together


a GooD'ol Tables .Latters And Chair match by the HarDy boYz.dam they know wats up in the Air...hahah Great Moves!

I am the real Yahoo Gossiper?

The Undertakers Tombstone..is the best finisher,when he did it to man kind in their hell in the cell match that was the best thing the WWF ever saw!! If u saw that mtach i dont have to tell you how awesome that finsiher is!

Who wins this match?

The coolest, sickest finisher is Triple H's pedigree (RAW) In my opinion that's the best. The best set of of moves would have to go to the Undertaker, hands down.

What are your favorite HHH moments?

in the 70 a wrestler by the name of bare cat brown had a sleeper hold that was real cool a friend was a local wrestler and went up against him and swore it would realy put you to sleep

IWhy is Jeff Hardy Gay ?

For finisher I have to give it to Goldberg, I mean he could Jackhammer anyone and it was esspecially impressive on the Giant...for set up I forgot the name but New Jack had a sweet setup move years ago that he had to stop performing because he was seriously hurting people, it was the suplex from off the basketball backboards or ladders when ECW used to perform at community Colleges

Does anyone really like little boogeyman?

triple h

Do you think I can be the best westla eva if I wasn't so hungwy in evwy match?

I must say the 'Stone Cold Stunner' from the past because everytime Stone Cold did that, it always had a crazy afterfect into it. I remember when he did a Stunner on Shane McMahon while Shane was drinking beer. Aw man, beer shot out everywhere, that was the best!

Kendrick + London?

petey williams the canadian destroyer no questions

weakest is def. hogans leg drop lmao

Mr.mcmahon vs a paper clip?

Megumi Kudo's last match in 1997. She took on Shark Tsuchiya in a "No ropes, 200 volt double hell, double barbed wire barricade, double landmine glass crush death match". Shark had also brought in a sickle into the ring and had busted Megumi Kudo up.

Who Thinks the HHH & HBK feud was the greatest?

The Undertakers Tombstone

The Next WWE Champion?

The Canadian Destroyer (Petey Williams) and the Vertabreaker (still being used today, banned in the WWE)

Another question about JBL's commentary?

The sickest move is the Canadian Destroyer for sure.

For the sickest setup, has to be Chris Benoit's Hat Trick =D

Would matt hardy actally win the world title?

HBK's sweet chin music!

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