A quiz first one right gets 10 points?

Question:Question 1! who was the first person to kick out of takers tombstone piledriver
question 2! true of faulse little boogeyman is boogeymans actual son!


What happened?

1.Kane (the masked one)
2.True (he's his son in real life)

Besides saying "DAMN!" alot will Farooq ever do anything else for WWE again?

Jerry and true

Can anyone give me the link to watch Judgement day?

who cares watch a real sport

Is wwe is just a joke??

umm bethoven

and umm no...yes...maybe

Are there any cheat codes for that PS2 game, Area 51?

1. Mr McMahon
2. False


hulk hogan

Another WWE question?

and false

10 Points... It's Easy!?

1) Kane
2) false

The recently had a list of the top 25 most influential wwe superstars of all time my question is?

1)Ummm...someone like...kane...
2)No thats not true !

Yay !! Best Answer =) .haha

When do you think mr.kennedy will cash in his money in the bank?

Kane at WMXIV
No. No no no false.

If you saw someone who is trying to kill your favorite wrestler or beat them?

1. After an early Tombstone, Hulk Hogan kicked out at the count of 1 in the match that eventually led to Undertaker's first title reign.
2. I'm guessing false, but it might be true.

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