2 Question Wreslting Quiz?

Question:1.Which Team has won 21 tag team titles
2.Which Person won 7 World Titles (from all the organization they have been in)
(its not the Rock)


Since when do the fans?

1. Team 3D
2. Undertaker

What do you guys think about '' cena long champ losser '' winning on judgenmentday?

1. The rockers? Animal Hawk and Road Warrior?
2. I thought it was the rock. Maybe Triple H

What's gonna happen with this Cena match...Cean can't win, and Khali would be a terrible champ?

1.dudley boyz!
2.kurt angle (5 wwe, 1 whc, 1 tna

Is the MVP vs. Benoit and the Originals vs. New Breed the only good feud in the wwe today?

1. Legion of Doom
2. Kurt Angle (4 WWE reigns, 1 World Heavyweight reign, and 2 other promotions)

A question about WWE Backlash?

1. Team 3d (The Dudleys)
2. (Taking a guess) Sting?

Have you seen the finishing move, the "Bulgarian Piledriver"?

1. Dudley Boyz
2. Jeff Jarret?

Is anybody tell me from where i can download wwe vidios?

1. Rock 'n' Roll Express.
2. Bret Hart, Tatsumi Fujinami.

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