Why does WWE bring in..?

tag teams with a gimmick and then all of a sudden, lose interest and not push them? The Hillbillies are coming. But look at how they are just holding onto tag teams and not even pushing them. Cryme Tyme, The Highlanders, Cade and Murdoch(finally getting some push), and others. Seems like WWE lose interest in the gimmicks fast.


When will the Undertaker recover from his injury and will Kane be a match at Judgment Day?

thats true. They make people wack for no reason when they are good. Its like no point. By the way nice question.

Who is the lamest wrestler you have ever seen?

yes they do, but the highlander & cryme time gimmicks arent boring to me so i dont know why they dont get pushes, the wwe are losing their ability to make their fans happy

Is Matt Hardy and Ashley still dating, or did they break up?

because at 1st people will love them then forget about them so they get new ones.

Who here HATES goldberg as much as i do?

Yeah, I don't get it either!

To Cena haters ONLY!?

i think that vince forgets about them cause he has cena and batista stuck on his nuts

Muscle help?

I understand what your saying and I agree with you totally

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