A question about TNA?

Question:I just watched TNA for like the 5th time

ok i can with out a doubt or regret say that TNA has better atheletes than WWE

TNA storylines are weaker and u can tell the wrestling is acted more than u can in WWE

so my question is how would u compare the two?(wwe and TNA)


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WWE has it's ups and downs, and it may be far worse now than it was during the Attitude Era, but the WWE is still the #1 promotion in all of Professional Wreslting.

TNA is good, but they cannot live up or even dream of competing with the WWE.

WWE tours internationally.

TNA tours exclusively in Florida.

WWE'e ECW gets superior ratings to TNA.

TNA is losing millions of dollars, and they're company just keeps getting worse, even with the addition of Kurt Angle and other WWE talent, TNA is still a second-rate show.

WWE doesn't need to destory TNA,
because they are destroying themselves.

I am Crude!?

TNA's wrestling is far superior to wwe's wrestling but, I agree that TNA's storylines are weaker. But even the wwe has lost their wrestling and creative writers who used to make the great storylines.

HOw come it seems that Vince makes appearences on RAW and even ECW much more than he does on Smackdown?

WWE will always be theeeee best end of storyy!

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just watch both and stop getting emotionally attached to certain tv shows

Humans : I have some news ?

There are too many ways

1- Ratings WWE is better by miles

2- Storylines WWE is better but the problem is that they are all around Cena

3- Matches TNA tries so much to impress the audiance WWE do it straight and simple although the way that Cena wins his matches sucks

4- Roster WWE has a better roster but TNA is using its roster wisely pushing the guys who deserve

5- History !!

6- Management WWE is been managed for long term TNA tries to shine as quick as possible
and they need to go back to basics

What the hell??

TNA=better athletes IE:jobbers main events announcers and such, in my opinion there story lines are also better!!
WWE=(one word only)


Good ol Vinnie has been killing his enterprise for about 10 years. they take story lines from the late 70's and Early 80's and use a different wrestler do the exact same thing win,lose,chair shots Even the blood coming for the person who is plating the
role of the guy back then!!!!

Can the baby fall from my stomach?

STORYLINES are better in wwe are you seriously? wwe's storylines are so predictable that a kid that has never watched wrestling can work them out in 2 seconds. first here is a stat in 1999 wwe ratings for raw were 7.0 that was the average, now wwe averages 3.2! a big drop. wwe wrestlers are acting as much as tna wrestlers in fact storylines in general are crap in wrestling. the only company that had good storylines was the original ecw. you call exploiting eddie's death a good storyline?you call kane screwing a dead person a good storyline? and you call kurt raping bookers wife a good storyline? tna is growing i see in 2 years that the wrestling wars will be back on with both companies averaging the same ratings and trying to out do each other.

Are you one of those marks?

I think that TNA has a solid future. They have some great talent like AJ Styles, Chris Daniels and Samoa Joe. I think they are hurt by the fact that Impact is only 1hr. I have been a wrestling fan for 18 years and TNA reminds me alot of WCW in the early 90s, I think if they can get an expanded time slot and a big money backer they could give WWE a run for their money.

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