Absence of big stars like Undertaker for a few months-blessing or curse??

What do you think?


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Well if the take the opportunity to let Kennedy or maybe even Kane hold the belt in his absence it could be good.

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I think a blessing.. they can push the youngsters and then bring back the big guns to put them in their place..

Shaun micheals and john cena?

Well I think that it's a blessing for RAW because they can now bring out the best in their young talent, but a curse for Smackdown! because they don't really have much mid-card talent, except King Booker, Chris Benoit, Finlay, and MVP. Other than MVP the others have had pushes before to win championships and MVP will win his first tomorrow at Judgement Day because they are pushing Benoit. Plus, the Undertaker is really their main main eventer. People consider SD! over RAW only because they have 'Taker and RAW doesn't. Now that 'Taker is injured, they brought in Edge, but Edge won't get the same ratings 'Taker does.

Who can defect The great kali ?

in my opinion, i would say it was a blessing because this could give the younger stars (such as matt hardy) a win or two and then the undertaker could come and destory them.. LOL

Wouldn't it be so cool if Benoit and Angle teamed up just to cripple cena?

I'll be sad of course..I mean whether it be Smackdown or Raw, I think there should be a legend (by legend I mean they're sure-fire halll-of-famers) in it so that the young stars can look up to and have a dream match.

Is that Kahli's Boyfriend?

A mixture of both.

I say blessing becuase, as you have said, it gives them a chance to give younger or more underrated wrestlers a push towards stardom.

I also think that it's a curse because 1. WWE's creative team looks like it's gone to hell in a hand basket and 2. Those big names being out may turn away even more fans from WWE program than have already left in the years since Rock and Austin stopped headlining regularly.

Over all I think it'll end up being mostly a blessing.

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Blessing, it will allow newer tallent to step up to the plate.

Who here?..?

rebel has a good point.

if its undertaker specifically, then its a blessing i guess.
his abscense has absolutely no effect on my viewing pleasure whatsoever. In fact its nice to not have to hear his boring morbid theme tune. lol.

I wish they would bring back?

Both... Can't stand him but the WWE needs him as star power...

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Even the younger guys who the fans like are hurt it seems like. Now with the older guys out too...it can only get worse. I mean what are you gonna see...Boogeyman Vs. Miz? or even more of Lashley?

Give me a break.

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