Another Edge Head Question?

Question:Whats the funnist moment in WWE Involing Edge?

For me it's when Edge came to John Cena's home and bi*ch slaped his father.

What about you? Whats your funnist memorie of Edge?


Which WWE superstar earns the most?

When edge kick kennedys @ss to become in the bank and then become world champ on smackdown. LOL @ kennedys sorry ***

Wwe trivia part 3?

Yes that was the best. The hall of losers. and John Cena once slept on the floor that he called a bed

Wow cenas next possible opponent (spoilers)?

That's very funny..but there are other funny stuff...just dunno which ones to pick...

Have you Cena nuff' of John Cena?

Alot of the E&C stuff was pretty good. However, I'd have to say it was pretty damn funny when he freestyled at Cena back in September.

Who is the best wrestler in wwe??

When him and Cristian used to do that 5 second pose before matches, that used to crack me up.

Undertaker being injured?

I think the funniest moment is when Lita and Edge was getting married and Kane Hid under the ring dude that was totally funny

You want 10 points??

There were so many hilarious E&C moments that I cannot choose, but the funniest non-E&C moment of his career was definitely his spoof of Road Rage Ric Flair.

Why does >Crude< keep saying about Paul Bearer?

when he has that crazy, spastic look on his face before his MitB cash in's (ie. when he hands the briefcase to Vince/ref, waiting for ref to ring bell, right before a spear while waiting for opponent to get up)

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