Does anyone knows what “Kurt Angle ultimatum” means?...?

everyone is saying that randy orton is in troble with the WWE and his is in a “Kurt Angle ultimatum”



I Dont know what they meant by a Kurt Angle Ultimatum, he wanted to be released by the wwe

but RKO has been reported by the wwe 2 times of unprofesional conduct, this recent one was because he trashed the Italian Hotel and like 30 000 of damage cost the hotel..

WWE , may be have him the black list

This is now my fav pic of candice michelle anyone else agree?

It doesn't mean a thing they is just saying that 2 make Orton scared!

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Yes,Randy Orton will in trouble. Randy Orton suck!
Kurt Angle rules!!!!

How come everytime we watch smackdown "kendrick" is there?

Well here is my opinion...

Look at the way Kurt Angle left WWE...

I think WWE are telling Snortin' Orton that he is a danger to his opponents in WWE and he is an unreliable performer. these reasons may lead to WWE fully terminating his contract and "releasing" him from the promotion.

Kurt angle was considered a liability to WWE, and was released by the company, i still wish Jarrett had a humanitarian side, and realised that Kurt is no longer fit to wrestler and is doing himself more damage than good.

Anyway.. there pretty much telling orton the end is near!

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Its a little sketchy depending on who you listen to as to how Kurt Angle left.

He did so voluntarily, or he was given retired or be fired ultimatum.

It is believed that WWE wants Randy Orton to clean up his act or else be fired from the company.

But Randy Orton is such a screw up I don't supect he will listen.

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