A new faction in town...?

Question:The Rated R Superstars
Leader - Edge w/ Lita
'Sex' part of the faction - Val Venis, Big Vis (Give them one last push) and Probably Melina
'Violence' part of the faction - Benoit, Finlay and Victoria

What a dominating force! Your thoughts?


Can any one tell what's happening at Judgement Day ??

Doesn't work because 1) it's too big; and 2) none of them really have any common aims.

Is there any way for americans to see mexican wrestling?

This one stinks

If tna has new belts does that mean kurt angle is the 1st ever tna champion?

its not a good faction
a good one would be

taker,kane,umaga,triple H,trish stratus, ahsley, stone cold, and chri benoit`

Would Is This Be A Sin?

Man that faction sucks... Sex part violent part, that's all crap... the wrestlers don't go well together and have totally nothing in common for the faction to make any sense at all. Dominating force my smelly foot...

How can I find out how to send a letter to Hulk Hogan or any one of his family members by snail mail?

sorry this faction is not very good
i think

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