Question:Okay, I'm willing to change my anti-Cena ways if a pro-Cena fan on here can INTELLIGENTLY explain to me the reasons why Cena deserves to be where he is, and reasons for why he is not a sucky wrestler. You need clear arguments and examples to back them up.

Of course, if this cannot be be done, which I seriously doubt it will, then it will be made official that Cena does not deserve to be where he is and he is a bad wrestler and we will not need any more questions about it.

If, in the unlikely circumstances someone does come up with a good argument for Cena, then all the intelligent wrestling fans and sucky little shits that argue against Cena because it makes them feel like they mean something, will have to find another wrestler to * on. Probably Batista.


Bella Online?

the answer is very simle...its because he is actually the best of all but at judgement day he'll probably notice that what i said here was false!

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whats the question again?

Who is she?

That's a long question but, when Cena first came his, one of his first matches was against Kurt Angle and he beat him. Angle was at the top of his game but lost to Cena. That is why he is as big as he is. Also STOP HATING ON CENA(TO ALL CENA HATERS)!

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I got lost...whats the question?

What's the point of Edge stripping Undertaker of his title?


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No such thing as an intelligent Cena fan ... Burn!
Can we start hating on Batista more, Cena's getting boring

Who would like to take all the wrestling haters and...?

I dont like him but the reason he deserves to be where he is beacuse there is bassically no one on raw the deserves more than him. Your going to argure HBK deserves it but he really just a has-been without Triple H. Randy Ortan destroys a hotel room dont see him winning a title anytime soon. Umaga was carried by Cena in the match at the royal Rumble that is a great surprise Cena carring sum 1 not getting carried. Only time he has left the WWE in the last two years is to make a movie that the WWE wanted to make.

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