3 Questions..?

Question:1)How would win in this match?Edge,Randy Orton,MVP,Umaga, and Hornswoggle?
2)Why does John Ceman get a BIG push at the WWE Title?!He clearly sucks,but Vince wants him to be champion forever!Why?!?
3)What do you think of this 360?http://360.yahoo.com/my_profile-c8zg1wi1...


Aren't you sick of John Cena being champion?

1. Randy Orton - Best athlete and wrestler, Edge close 2nd. Hornswoggle next ECW champ

2. He is trying to form a modern day Hogan/Rock - sells merchandise, mic skills, 6 moves (no offense Rock but you were predictable), Vinces idea of the all-round package that carries the company for 10 years

3. Nice work, good hustle

Who do u want to be couples with maria?

1)umaga...his size

2)because he is actually the best

3)pretty cool

How come none of the Ecw divas never wrestle anybody?

very good question indeed 1)i think umaga bcase e s vry stong enough to fight 2)i dont know 3)suck it

Fill in the blank?

#1 edge because hed find a way to cheat.
#2 because hes gay and triple h will win the title
#3 weird

Do you think that Bobby Lashley is going to drop the title?

1) MVP or Orton. Edge is reaching almost the veteran point, Umaga(Eddie Fatu) only get's a push because he's related to The Rock and the Wild Samoans, and Hornswoggle-you're kidding, right?

2) Remember Evolution? It was annoying seeing Triple H always Champ for three years, but it had a big payoff. This storyline will too.

3)It's aight.

What is the big deal with TNT??

1) Edge because he would cheat.

2) Cena is champ for many reasons. He is a decent wrestler, but can verbalize very well to the crowd and in promos. People love him and hate him. The is equivalent to "there is no bad publicity". If people are booing, they are still acknowledging the champ. I believe Cena should be the champ. He has worked a long time to get that spot. he was in OVW for years. He is very professional. You never hear about behind the scenes tantrums or getting out of hand. He has a clean slate and conducts himself well outside of the ring.

3) I don't like rap so I didn't look long.

Question of the Week in the Wrestling Section?

1. Randy Orton
2.I don't know ... i agree with you tho

Didn't that Gauntlet Match make Umaga look rather weak last Monday?

1_edge or ortan
2_ cause hes waiting for hhh to come back
3its coole

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