A 'Mini Me' for all WWE superstars!?

First we had Hornswaggle with Finlay, now we have Boogeymans minature double. Picture the scene of every WWE superstar having their own 'mini me.' Don't you think it would be funny. Imagine a minature Kane, Rey, Booker, Undertaker, Cena, Orton or Triple H. The thought amused me. What do you think? (Hypathetically of course, this question is just for fun.)



i think the mini me of under taker could both do the pill driver to batista and batistas minime. that wuld be cool, also there could be a mini me the hardy boyz. one more idear there could be champion belts for the mini mes

Gangrel, Kevin Thorn, or Vampiro?

hahaha that would be hilarious to have like a mini DX!

Whatever happened to the male wrestler, in the WWE, who dressed in a dress?

There aren't enough midget wrestlers to cover all the WWE superstars.

And Rey is already a midget, you'd need roach for him.

Are you phony wrestling fans sad that fake wrestling is stupid, nonentertaing, and worthless?

well i like Rey but his mini me would be no bigger than a 1 foot ruler

Does anyone know of a free site where you can learn step by step how to draw wwe wrestlers?

haha have a little booker t with a really deep voice like booker t's

Whats the loudest ovation you ever heard/seen in the wwe?

I still upset about the winners of the Amazing Race Allstars. Gosh.

Who is taller?Hornswoggle or Khali?

how would a "Mini me" of the Great Khali look like, that'd be a chalenge, lol

Is Stone Cold Steve Austin the baddest man to ever?

A mini Taker or a Mini Stone Cold having mini beer lol :)

Have A Nice Day

Im sorry but?

This might be legisticly impossible , not enough midgets (you'd need over 75 of them), but think of the market possibities of a collection of midget action figures matching full size and midget t shirts etc.

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