Another wrestling rant, you might be surprised!?!?

i do watch raw. i dont watch anything else. i used to watch wcw when i was a kid. lionheart chris jericho was my favorite. i went to wrestlemania for my 1st time this year. i drove 18 hours to detriot from tampa and then another 18 hours back. i got home monday night from wrestlemania just so i could watch raw, we didnt have time to stop. i do watch wrestling once in a while but i cant stand it when people call it a sport. i dont think i will watch raw anymore cause edge left and i have better things to do on friday night to watch smackdown. so yes you can say whatever you want to me but do know i do know what im talking about. i pretty much watch espn and thats it. i love sports and it pisses me off when i come to the sports section and all i see is. "if you made a stable who would be in it?" "john cena or the rock?" wtf kind of questions are these?


The Crude wrestling haters'~threat?

Wow u must got some real anger problems to let something this little grind ur gears. I'ma need 4 u 2 seek some help LOL... it ain't that serious... look past it. It might be entertainment, but beyond all the crap, wrestling is a sport so get over urself and shut up I too am a football fan, and a tennis fan, I have no problem seeing this put together with the "real" sports

Is it...??

What the heck is wrong with that question??

Is john CEMAN the biggest poser in the wwe?

I've gotta say, you're one dedicated fu*k.

Do you think that melina and mickie will ever settle their beef?

You watch nothing but raw!!!

Any TNA spoilers??


Who is your favorite WWE wrestler?

so let me ask you a question..
As you were typing this did you stop to thing that you are doing the same thing that you are complaining about?
My last question to you is this.... you feel better after you vented. I really hope so??


ok. this is the wrestling section incase u got a little confused with the complaint department also if u want to tal about espn theres a genaral sports section i think that should solve your problem.

Do you think TNA is the future of wrestleing?

do i care wait for it....... no and we arent suprise UR A HATER

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