Dont you think wwe lita talks funny?

Question:is it just me, but does lita talk funny to you?? for me she does her singing is bad, and her voice sounds wierd and funny, why do you think?? and do you even think she does sound funny??
but i really love her entrnace from boy hits car, love fury passion energy!


Has KHALI ever been in a movie?

she has that funny acent because she speaks spanish (DUH!) and yeah her singing is horribe! She should be dead by now! i hate her!

No one can live up to?

true but shes the best womens champion ever,and the hottest diva that the wwe ever had before

What is your favorite ECW superstar?

i hate her.i think she should be dead by rite now

Who would win in this battle royal?

yea her voice is different, but i think its cool. i believe her singing is bad as well.

What sucks more?

I dont know about you...but...i've always hated her !!

How do I go about becoming a professional wrestler, exactly?

Maybe, but that still doesn't change the fact that I want to squeeze her t*ts. :)

What do you think of Santino Marella?

maybe because she's partially mute or somethin', i've heard mute people and she kinda sound like that, but just a little

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