Anyone else think edge is gonna losse that title in less than 2 weeks??

i mean i don't hate edge but i hate he took title from undertaker (even thou undertaker is injured and was gonna loose title anyways) edge is probablu gonna loose it at Judgement day.


Was I the only person who felt sorry for Funaki last night?

Yeah, but not to Batista. The only and most deserving challanger is Chris Benoit. I think it would be great if WWE Creative Writing move Chris Benoit match at Judgement day this week and lose his US title to MVP. By that he will get a push and become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title next week in Smackdown! after winning a 20 man battle royal match. Then it would be a Triple Threat Match between Edge, Batista and Benoit at Judgement day for the World Title and then either Edge or Batista will tap out to the crossface and Benoit then will become the World Champion one more time. That will be awesome match.

Does any one ever touched a wrestler during there match where you are in ring side?

hope not unless Batista or someone better gets it.

Is there a wrestler who is not on the big two(WWE/TNA) who you would like to see recruited?

yes he is just like the feud with him and john cena

Did Anyone Else Think That British Guy Looks Like Edge?

i know he cheats and he did this last year at new years revolution...but i like him as champ and i hope he don't lose it..he may not even HAVE a match on Judgment day

Booyaka Booyaka, 619, Booyaka Booyaka, Gay Mysterio?

Edge is weak! So......ya duh!

Whos WWE Champ material outta these guys?

Edge is gonna make new friends and new enimes on smackdown. So he can't lose the title anytime soon.

Judgment Day results? opinions, forecast for next months?

Nawwwwww!! He took to long to regain the title


Edge is totally going to lose his title at judgment day!!

Would Raw improve if the young guys had the spotlight?

no he will lose it exaxtly 23 days from Friday Night Smackdown. Which is ECW One Night Stand. They shouldn't of said anything about him until Smackdown actually airs. SO STUPID!! (WWE). Cuz After WM@21 Edge cashed and then lost the title in 21 days NYR then RR. RVD WM22 cashen and lost 22 days later ECW ONS then RAW. So there for Edge will lose the title to someone at ECW ONS. Not JD. Hell probably face the same person or people at JD end with cheat or DQ, then lose at ECW ONS to that peson or other. Whatever..

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