2 questions 1.John Cenas wwe girlfriends? 2. Who is Swimmer?

Question:!. Who are John Cena's WWE girlfriends?
anyone know who he's gone out with from wwe? .. like a list of who they were? i'd really appreciate it, thanks

2. Why do U hate Swimmer?



Did you know that John Cena is also undefeated at Wrestlemania? Do you think it's being done on purpose?

You are all a bunch of fools and idiots wwe wrestling is for losers. Wwe wrestling is fake.

WWE Fans Bring the Weapons?

well i think it was maria but he should go out with Candice Michelle.and swimmer is fat like the big show

What do you think WWE is real or FAKE ?

i don´t know about his girl friends, don´t care. Swimmer is just getting on my nerves.

and Ric Flair is the "Man"

True or false RAW is a better brand then SMACKDOWN?

John Cena must have many girlfriend and don't want us to know. Swimmer is kool

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