All u cena haters?

a lot of u hate john cena.i dont understand y.the guy works really hard to perform for all wwe fans.WWE is fake but its still cool because of people like john cena.If vince asked u to keep ur title would anybody say no,tell the truth.respect all wrestlers.Because they work hard for u.And so what if he keeps that title forever he is one of a kind.nobody else is like y do u people hate john cena?



Man I almost died with laughter! " IT is still cool because of people like cena" Ha HA HA HA HA!

Cena hators what do you think?

He works hard?

Cena's opponent controls the match for 80% of the time, and then cena hits his 5 moves of doom and wins.

I don't call that "working hard".

What happened On raw.I had a blackout for 20 min so I missed it.?

i totally agree with you!

Finlay underrated?

Do you think that he actually deserved to get the title? He has 6 moves in a match but gets to hold championships for half of his career. He's held the US Championship and the wwe championship for about a total of 3 years! And all he needed was 6 moves. He even gets controlled by his opponents for about 80% of the match until the end when he hits his 6 moves of doom... Just take a look at his matches and look how lazy he is... cena is the worst wrestler ever.

Who remembers Me? (plus another real question)?

No. Every one has a favorite and every one has some one to go against. It makes it more intense.

Who is your favorite divas and whos your least favoirite.?

Cena can't work. His matches are more predictable than the Ultimate Warrior's. SOS. He's a mix of the Rock and Stone Cold, so he's not even original. He's just a money maker with the kids and that's the bottom line..

Event about bistia?

i respect him, but he does get boring. there are tons of hard workers who never get to even be seen on tv. it requires more then hard work. dont get me wrong i dont mind cena, i just feel he has a character thats gotten stale.

I'm not sure why anyone would think kahli should beat him. he is the worst wrestler i have seen in a long time. He's stiff, and even big guys like big show and kane have movement. Kahli can't move at all. He's so bad at selling moves that they have to make him unbreakable so we dont have to see just how awful he is when he falls or sells someones moves.

Should Cenason be next Danielson?

He sucks. His wrestling skills have gone down hill. He can't sell injuries. His mic skills have gotten piss poor. Hell, HBK has carried him in just about every match they've had together. It's plain and simple: Cena sucks. And I'm glad he's one of a kind because I wouldn't want to see anyone else like him. And if he keeps that title for much longer, the fans are going to riot.

This has gotta stop, you with me?

I would bash you. But you're a Kennedy fan. So it balances out. Sure he performs for us, but he never deserved the title push in the first place. Noticed he released the album the VERY NEXT DAY that he won the title? You say that guys would like the title. Sure, but that means having a very open schedule, and basically competing every night. Plus it's a lot of responsibility to establish a reputation. Cena established a reputation alright, of being the most unoriginal and broing wrestler we've seen in a while. Refer to Michaels. Everyone wants him to hold gold, while he feels he doesn't need to. Refer to Eddie and Rey. They had a title vs. mask match back in the day. Rey didn't want to lose his mask, thus Eddie decided to drop the title. It's all about respect in that locker room. Not many respect Cena, because of his major push. Nobody else is like him, but nobody else is like anyone else basically. Cena tries to be a marine, all because of his movie. Was he ever a marine? No. Lashley and Orton were marines before their WWE careers. Plus Cena has held the title for too long. We need to see variety in his gimmicks, match turnouts, and a new champion.

Khali is the next champ?

I feel sorry for cena, he gets booed soo much and he has accomplished alot from being champ to being in the most dangerous matches on wwe,also he was in a movie and i dont hate cena i am proud of him.

D generation x or VKM?

Cuz he held the title for so long.

Which Wrestler I'm I??

they just hate him because everyone has there own opinion of what they think i mean i like him and dislike him because he hasn't lost the title for a while but its cool that he hasn't cause then the story lines are better and i respect all the wrestlers that do 100% everyday

From HOLLYWOOD which actor suited in WWE for any title?

Even i don't understand y people hate him...But the fact is that the champ has been holding the wwe title for too long. I hope at judgement day, Lillian Garcia will announce: "N the new wwe champion..."

Who do you think has the best spinebuster of all time?

i dont hate him, i just wanna kill him

From all the divas who is a poser?

yaa he works hard and.....but it's high time he be defeated...the great khali is the right man for the job.don't you think it has become a little boring..he always wins..HBK was always a better man he proved it night after night.remember the historic match on raw that lasted for over an hour.HBK was the better backlash hbk was the better man we all know what wrestlemania HBK controlled almost the entire match but one break through and cena takes the glory..whatever the case cena for sure is extremely lucky i can tell you that...and he is here to stay..he is for sure gonna be something of the stature of(atleast close to) the hulk hogan, the rock,heart break kid,brave heart,stone cold, the fame is gonna be all his. but come this sunday god help the champ. because a monster is headed his way and by jove believe me. khali is killed a person in the last company he wrestled in. a big chop to the head and CENA's time could just be up for good.

Randy Orton?

I dont know y people hate him too. Everybody has there opinion about anything, i believe that they all hate Cena is because: 1- He held the title too long. 2- He kinda shows off when he spins his hat and throws it or show off by hold the title so conceited. I dont really hate Cena so much i like him a little bit.

Why do people who don't like watching wrestling ask and answer questions on this section?

hey man u said it ur self " the guy works really
hard to PERFORM"
he is just a performer. i mean he is not an
all that wrestler like Bret Heart is or HBK they can actually
but john cena isn't the only performer there is Batista too.

PS. i do admit he kinda does try really hard

For wwe fans: whatever became of the ultimate warrior?

hey yo, cena, your time is up, you can't see me, and he not the franchise, he's a poser punk.

Smackdown spoilers here!!?

Wrestlemania is a clear example that the guy rides on his oponents shoulders. HBK controlled 90% of the match Micheals was the only one in the ring. But like i keep saying vince just wants to make him look like the best.

Whats the name of the band that does Randy Ortons Theme Song?

cena rules he is good

Is wwe raw dying? Smackdown! rise up!!!!!?

if john cena held the title forever what would you think and be honest. no one would like that. he gets boring he never works hard. during his matches he hits a total of 5 or 6 moves while the rest of the 95% of the match and then john does what he does. but back to my question for you it is like that has already happened. he is not a respected wrestler like hulk hogan or anyone else. maybe if john cena wrestled in the 80's we wouldnt hate him because he wont be a wannabe of anyone he would of been unique. but nowadays because of our past expiriences with wrestlers like the rock stone cold steve austin and hulk hogan people will think he is just a wannabe.

Which Theme song u like better? TNA,ECW,RAW,Smackdown!?

i dont hate him, i dislike the way ppl go mad over him when he hasnt earned it. the reasons im not a fan of his?

well everybody knows the main reason he is there is so that the kids and teens have someone to immitate when they are doing wrestling matches in there backyard (every kid i know that likes wrestling, and thats alot coz i work with kids), likes Cena best, and when u ask them why, its always because "He is cool"!! then they do the "you cant see me" thing and run off. lol.

so one, coz his main purpose is a tween/teen attraction.

two, coz he doesnt wrestle properly. the opponent does all the work and then he decides to try his luck with like 5 moves and he wins. he has been lucky. i hope his title is snatched from him.

Cena is like a younger, better looking Edge. He talks himself up and is not funny.

Do you have to take showers with everyone on the high school wrestling team?

i totally agree i mean cena makes half of wwe's money & he puts on a great show for everyone...But he doesnt ask to keep his title it just happends..he is a great wrestler with a good heart & he is by far one of the best wwe champions..EVER,

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