A question about Eugane?

Do you like him as a wrester?


Who is wrestling in the WWE match in new york city...madison square garden match on 8/13/07?...Anyone know??

its eugene & eh... hes ok, his gimmick is holding him down though

Team smackdown vs. Team raw?

Yea , Nick D was a top prospect in OVW. He took the gimmick is because that was the only way he can showcast himself. Not so much his gimmick as a mentally challenged grown man.

Hey to all Undertaker fans out there!?

He's ok.

How Old Are The Sandman And Sabu?

lol hes a funny dude... idk how but he just gets his way around while wrestling so i guess hes somewhat good.

The Major Brothers?

its funny for dx to trick him. that was hysterical! i dont like him though

Tribute to the troops?


Help , anyone know the presale code for wwe raw boston?

i dont like him as a wrestler but he is pretty cool

Is it me or did mvp just beat benoit?

yah i agree with you that he's a funny guy, but it's hard to take him seriously as a wrestler like triple h or shawn michaels... he's entertaining though

Does tajiri prefer chow mein or sushi?

I'm not sure I'll have to stay awake long enough to watch him. Wrestling is fake and scripted.

Will shane mcmahon or stephanie mcmahon inherit the family business when Vince retires?

He is actually a great technical wrestler but he is stuck with that we won't get to see how great of a wrestler he really is.

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