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Question:Did edge win on RAW because he won on a monday and RAW is on monday...people are saying he won on Smackdown! and then he won the cage match and Mark Henry came.he wasn't even in the cage match and smackdown didn't even smart...so why are people saying this...im confused.



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Smackdown was taped as usual on Tuesday but according to the big news they announced it
Remember they did that last year win Kurt Angle the World Championship
What happened is Taker and Batista escaped the Cage and their feet touched the floor at the same time so the match was a draw and Taker retained Mark Henry stormed the Ring Beat the Hell out of Taker then Edge appeared Cashing his Money that he won on RAW from Kennedy He hit Taker then got a 2 count UnderTaker sat up Edge speared him from the sitting position for the win and Edge is the new World Champion and he may have been drafted to smackdown

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Y es he won
he beat Mr.Kennedy for the money in the bank and then on smack down it was Batista vs. undertaker and at the end of the match edge cashed in his money in the bank and was the new world heavyweight champion

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Edge cashed in after the match was over and Mark Henry had attacked the Undertaker on Smackdown.

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hun, Smackdown isn't live but taped before ECW, and this happened last night before ECA, not on RAW. Yes Edge cashed his MITB that he won on Monday by assulting Mr. Kennedy. This means he probably pinned the Undertaker last night in the steal cage match. And yes Mark Henry does show up. It will be shown on Friday on Smackdown don't worry.

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Smackdown! Is TAPED!

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He won in SD because the show is taped on Tuesday

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