6 question?

Question:1.Do u think khali will win the wwe
2.why all the fans tell kurt angle (you suck)
3.when u will love cena
4.when chris benoit will win the wwe or the world heavy whight chapon
5.how cena make benoit tap out
6.who is the best tag team


What is lilyounglady12's problem?

1. no because he stole the belt and in the WWF when you stole the belt you always lost.
2. Because it goes with the music.
3. He is OK but I will never love him.
4. Not this year.
5. STFU, it was lame.
6. The Hardys are the best right now.

Should the wwe bring back Brock Lesnar or Goldberg to take the title from John Cena or Khali if he wins?

it rhymes with his music
he did a few years ago
vince and shane

If you were a WWE Diva?

1)I doubt it.i dont think he will...
2)cuz he does suck...just jokin
3)I already do.not "love".just "like"...i can only "love" Jeff
5)Hmmm...wait i'll tell you soon
6)You know what im gonna say..."THE HARDY BOYZ !"

The 4 freaken Horsemen??

1. no
2. bcoz it fits with his music
3. never
4. idk
6. rated rko or dx

Heres the reason why i hate John Cena:

When was midget tossing banned in the USA?

Because The Rock put u suck to the beat if his music nd people still do it.
I already do love Cena
Hopefully soon
The Hardys Right now

Wrestling questions??!!?

1. Whatever I think, the opposite will probably happen, so I could force myself to think he won't.
2. It started when Kurt's wrestling persona called for him to be an egomaniac, and the fans realized there were parts in his entrance music where they could chant "you suck" and not disrupt the flow.
3. Do straight guys really need to be asked this question?
4. He was World Heavyweight Champion on March 14, 2004, but I don't know when he'll get back into the title hunt because I don't know when MVP (or anybody else) will take the United States Title away from him.
5. It was the STF-U, but Benoit only tapped because he was enough of a professional to go along with the script.
6. Matt and Jeff Hardy are the best until somebody beats them fair and square for their belts, and I'm hoping that Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin get their chance soon.

Have you watch 'See No Evil' starring Kane?

the undertaker

Why do people think that John Cena is ugly ??

1 yes
2 they dont he is in tna
3 never
4 they will not give him a push
5 its all bull
6 the hardys right now but the outsiders are the best of the 90s

Is hbk ok?

Unfortunetly yes
It rhymes with his music
Already do
Soon I hope

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