Smackdown gets Rated R?

No comment lol.


Who's hotter Torrie Wilson or Tylene Buck(Major Gunns)? champ, Edge.

Do the WWE Respect The Undertaker? Yes or No?

New champ,new star,new franchise = Edge.

Mr. Kennedy at Wrestlemania 24?

Your mommas puss just got rated R b!tch

Is there wrestling at7:30 this whole week?

yes.. and he is the new world heavyweight champ.. and i don't like it that way..

How Long do you think Edge will hold the World Heavyweight Championship?

Glad to know Smackdown is not Live like Raw is, I knew i didnt watch it for a reason even though i like the undertaker maybe he can come to raw now i am so glad that Edge is off raw now but it Sucks that Undertaker lost his Belt to that little cheap punk.

Will mr kennedy rver come back to the wwe because i just read a thing saying he wont?

and i was starting to enjoy watching smackdown again

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