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Question:OMG! Guess who won!!

WHOA! IT feels great seeing someone who deserved the belt win against the person who HAS but not deserve the belt!
1. What were ur thoughts with regards to Monday Night RAW?
2. And ur thoughts with regards to the Main Event itself?


I just got bk from earls court watched Raw, loved it, anyone else?

1. It seemed rushed, having everybody talk about a match that didn't even happen was sad, Shane thing at first was great till it dragged on and on and on and on.

2. Main Event was prob one of the best Main Events WWE had in a long time. It was PPV quailty, England got a real treat from WWE for a match like that.

Out of the following people...?

at least no one tried too interfere in the final match like most nights

Orton vs Edge at judgement day?

It did seem a little rushed to me, but at least the main event made up for that. I think the thing with Shane dragged on for too long and I'm sure not very many people were even interested in it, it was rather boring. I didn't really like the announcer they had, he just didn't do a very good job, I hope Lilian will be back soon. It was disappointing that they didn't have the Orton vs. Edge match, I was looking forward to that match. I don't know the whole true story on why that match was cut. I don't understand why Carlito was put against Khali, because you know who would win anyway.
I figured that this week it would be Matt Hardy vs. Murdoch, since last week it was Jeff vs. Cade. Backlash hype. All in all I think it could have been planned better.

The main event was awesome, I think. It was like watching the Wrestlemania match. A pay-per-view quality match on Raw was great. That match alone probably garnered some high ratings. I'm glad that HBK won because it's about time for someone else to shine...

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i saw it was pretty boring.
wwe raw is getting more boring and boring.
i wanna see some of the old main events that owned.

no offense to anyone though

SmackDown and ECW?

1. the other 4 matches were ok, but it was a disappointment that we didn't get to see the battle between rated-rko due to time constraints.
2. i think it was good. hbk deserved to win that match as he put in his all. a good non-title match. cena's time is up and hopefully he will drop the belt @ backlash.

Has anyone in wwe?

it's not that great coz triple h is not there.but i'm happy for HBK.AT LAST HBK BEAT CENA.

Who would win this match?

1. It was a match between a has been and a body builder that knows 5 wrestling moves! It was so drawn out.

2. If Randy Orton was not sent home he and Edge would have stole the show.

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I was screaming when shawn won last night.I love him so much.he is my favorite wrestler and idol.Overall raw was grat.It start off a little slow but the hbk vs vcena match made up for everything and what it even better is the fact that shawn won.

Undertaker Vs Bret Hart (In his prime) At WM ??

1. Raw kept me excited only in the main event though.

2. I thought the main event was amazing but I already knew who would win.

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