shawn michaels defeated cena with a superkick, according to internet spoilers for tonights raw that was taped.


Has been kid question?

eeveryone here knows

What ever happened to the Double Double E guy and 2 Cold Scorpio making their debut on SD/Raw/ECW?

yep, heard that 20 minutes ago..

Where to get wwe tickets that are good seats?

i know

The most honorable way of dying is taking a bullet for me.. it amuses me b/c i am bullet proof?

HA! Shawn Micheals is the legend of all legends! It makes me mad, VInce puts him up against wrestlers like cena, randy orton, ect. I'm not saying they aren't good wrestlers. Infact Cena is ok in my book. But Shawn Micheals is the showstopper, the headliner, the main eventer! HE IS THE HEART BREAK KID! GET ON HIS BAD SIDE AND HE'LL KICK YOUR TEETH, DOWN UR THROUT!

Who agree's that smackdown is better than Raw?

already know

John Cena's new theme music. Isn't it great and fits well!?

ight i no that

What is the best single piece of advice for a hardcore backyward wrestling match?

r u kidding me? its not even a paperveiw. i dont think they would let cena lose the title on a regular raw show. if anything cena or michaes got disqualified during the match. idk though i will find out 2nite.

In the WWE, who won the match "Judgement Day", John Cena V.S. Great Cali?

Too bad it's a non title match and Cena is still the chump, I mean champ.

Did you see this coming!?

wow! hbk is the best of all time!

Is it true that The Great Khali had defeated by Undertaker?

We Know That..
& Cena As Usual The Champ After Every Pay-perview

V.K.M You Sucks!!

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