All Wrestling Brands in ALL PPV'S?

Have u noticed that every PPV after Wrestlemania 23, Smackdown, Raw, and ECW are in every PPV than the brands should get? Example, Raw gets Backlash, Smackdown gets Judgement Day, and ECW gets One Night Stand, now, Backlash has every brand, Judgement Day is going to have every brand, and who knows on what One Night Stand's going to do. But to me, I'm not trying to say that this is a bad thing, THIS IS AWESOME, FINALLY ALL BRANDS IN ONE SHOW, THAT MEANS, MORE MATCHES FPR ONE PPV!!! WOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!


How good are?

Yes, All PPV's Are Now Going To Be Tri-Branded! But Is It Really Good? So What Now, We Are Going To Have Two Championship Matches Every Month? Which Will End Rivalries Much Faster, Which Means Creative Has To Work Twice As Hard While They Are Already Struggling To Keep Things Fresh! It May Not Be A Good Idea! And As Far As One Night Stand, Yes, It Will Be All Three Brands And Has Been Moved Out Of The Hammerstein Ballroom!

Hey wrestling guys and gurls!?

ya there good mathces

Is stone cold steve austin really a women beater?

I think its going to be like that all year cause december to dismember and i think ethier armmagadon or ne year revalution wasnt a good ppv so they want to boost the rateings up this year.

Who do you think will win between john cena, shawn michaels, edge and randy orton at backlash?

it's great

Whos the best wrestler ever?

yeah... but for a reason, i dont like it that much... :(

Jeff Buckley is Dead?

i agree

Wich kane do you like better masked kane or the current kane and why?

Dis happened cuz No Way Out didnt get good attendence or dey didnt get any orders on ppv but i think it is a good idea.

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