Any jeff hardy fans out there?

I love Jeff If you are a Jeff fan let me know.


Why is Lashley still pictured with the ECW belt on the Roster photos?

I love Jeff Hardy! The moves he can do are breathtaking, and the perfect way he does them is amazing! He's been my favourite for years now, and he's sooooo hot its untrue!!

Is Smackdown! getting more boring than ever?

Right here

Which tag team do you like better?

I LOVE JEFF HARDY!! Every since his WWF days!...**sigh**

Dont the non deserving divas annoy you?

He is the best! Love him

What r u doing?

Jeff Hardy was,is,and always will be the $HIT!!
i remember when he took on the Undertaker and just wouldn't stay down good times and when he was tag champs with Matt man they kicked @$$.

Why did Vince bring back ECW?

i like jeff hardy
i am a fan but i like it when they both come out as the
yea.. and i miss when they had lita with them
good old wwf

Did anyone enjoy the King Booker angles like me?

Jeff Hardy rule$

Do you kno why Umaga is called Umaga in WWE?

He is the enigma of the extreme. Since 2000 until....!? He is one of my favorites. He is on my "Fantastic 5" list

1) Randy Orton
2) Carlito
3) Jeff Hardy
4) AJ Styles
5) Rob Van Dam

What person who has never worked for the WWE could make it in the WWE at present?

Jeff Hardy is my fave wrestler!!! Hes soo awesome!!
live to the extreme man!

Who do u like more cena or batista?

Jeff Hardy rocks he is the most extreme wrestler i have ever seen and i love watchin him doing the swanton bomb and leg drops off the ladders. My favourite bit was wen he swanton bombed off top of ladder on one of the dudleys who was on a table in the triple threat ladder match it was amazing. Compared to his brother he is rele extreme cos matt is meant to be extreme but he int so i am a massive jeff hardy fan.

How would it feel if all the people saying wrestling is fake and scripted had their chance to prove it.?

me im jeff hardy and matt hardy fan there sooo sick

Are there any matches already scheduled for vengeance 2007??

me he is so freaken awesome

If you could create a belt what would it be?

Me, I love Jeff and think he's an awesome wrestler. Hardy's all the way.

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