***BREAKING NEWS*** John Cena has been sidelined for an injured lower back?

It is official that John Cena suffered from an injured lower back and will be out for several weeks. He injured his back while weight training.


TNA wrestling?

if he is sidelined what will happen to the belt?

undetaker lost his because he was injured and needed time off will cena lose his too



Are you still not sick with 5 questions with the chump?

You r the 3rd person to tell me this since I logged on.

Who is going to win the John Cena vs. Great Khali match?

How do you know??

Who wnats to see Estrada attack a handicapped Lashley?

yeah i heard.

My prediction for Judgement Day?


Can you believe my boyfriend beat my husband 4 the Championship?

Then is Cena gonna have to forfeit his title. The PPV is only in less than 2 weeks

Who would win?

but it is not long anough to make wwe make him lose the title

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