3 Questions and? a Comment?

Question:1) wats up wit tna/nwa titles
2) is that guy khali's new manager
3) when is RVD leaving
4) G6260, i think i know who ur imposter is. email me (patriotfan09@yahoo.com) 2 find out.


Why do you shop at K-Mart?

1. TNA & NWA are no longer affiliated so they had to split the titles.
2. Just his interpeter.
3. RVD is leaving this summer after his contract expires.
4. If u really do know, please tell the rest of us.

Why doesn't john ceman go back to ovw and learn how to WRESTLE?

1)they to cheap to afford more

2) yes i think so

3) not soon i hope

4)nO comment

Old school vs. New School?

That was just.. not intoxicating.

Please Smackdown vs Raw 2007 Ashley Massaro caws?

1. TNA has no idea what they are doing
2. yeah i think/ translator
3. one night stand

What do you think?

i don't know
no just a translator
not before june 19 2007
huis name is imadonkeylickingyourbutt

Its over punks att last our great leadership has prevails magix own all u people new teams wwill be crushed?


Who is homeless?

1) No one knows but Jeff Jarrett and Jim Cornet. They got new titles and will showcase them on air Thursday. The show only goes by TNA now NWA is looking for it's own plug. Check out www.wrestlezone.com for more info.
2) I'm starting to thinks so. He's like the Estrada for Umaga!
3) Not until August. His cotract runs out in mid june but he won't be exiting the show until August out of respect for his fans. As of the info posted on the site listed above he should be going to TNA.
4) no comment!

Who is your favorite CLASSIC wrestler?

1.TNA is a trashcan
2.If yes,thats popostrus!
3.He will leave anytime he wants

If Andre The Giant was alive who would win in a match between Andre the Giant and The Big Show?

1. me dun no
2. maybe,,,but what i heard is that he is his translater
3. I have no idea
4. thx for the email...lol..i wont get it...but choose me as best anwser...yeah

Thanks to the wrestling fan Swimmer I found my Match?

1) idk they getting new ones
2) no
3) sometime in july. he will be taken off of tv in june or something like that

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