According to Jim Ross and Micheal Cole, if a heel does a cheap shot,it's cowardly and blantant, but if a face?

Does the same cheat shot, it's cute and funny ... Isn t all cheat shots the same ?


Who are the current World Tag Team Champions ?

like how they glorefy ric flair for cheating and then say the other is a cheater when he does it


a face does it in a cool way!

Who is the Most stupid Yahoo user in Wrestling category?

Because it's basically their job to try to make you hate the heels and love the faces. It's kind of dumb, like how a guy like HHH is a hell, he always backs down from a fight like he's scared, but when he's a face, he's tougher. Just part of the show.

Oh hey im in need of help?

yes i never understand oh oh thats a cowardly act umaga is a coward no no stop that umaga enuogh is enough he is defence less

J.R yes yes yes hit him hit him thats just too dam bad

What are some sites that deal with the history of world championship wrestling?

yes all cheap shots are the same.

Who is or was a better tag team, the Rockers or Brian Kendrick and Paul London?

Yes. The face announcers put over the faces. The heel announcers put over the heels.

Why was ECW Diva Ariel released from WWE?

dude its scripted its just to sound good when heel does a cheap shot JBL says he is using his head vice versa its all scripted there just playing charecters

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