Am I the only one who finds it hard to believe Owen Hart died 8 yrs ago today?


Anyone out there having Bischoff with-drawls?

He died in 1999

I liked watching him wreslting and he was great

R.I.P Owen Hart

How the HECK could have Cena defeated Great Khali!?

ok keep this to youurself cause i dont really care

This Is Hilarious?

nope, i feel your pain,

Judgment Day Prediction! is any 1 even gona order this ppv?

Why do you find it hard to believe? Its fact..Do you only find it easy to believe opinion?

Kendrick + London?

R.I.P. owen, mcmahon f** the harts, screws brett and kills owen

Would you like to join wwe...?

no and he deservd to

What do you think of the following this is for my website?

yeah i do..he was one of my favorites before he died..same with eddie.

WWE Quiz?

its hard to believe,i miss him. He should still be here, he left be hind a wife and kids. I would hate to be a kid a know my father was killing in a freak accident.


WOW it was eight years ago already. I didn't watch wrestling back then but I have seen some of his matches of video and he was was at 1999's Over The Edge.right?

How bad will smackdown suck with Undertaker and Kennedy out with bicep and tricep injuries?

Certainly a day that we'll never forget. R.I.P. Owen Hart

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