A couple months ago The Rock said he was coming back to monday night Raw. Wher is he?

I want to c some Rock Bottoms.


Is their such thing as a WWE Bar like in Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007?

Actually he said, "Finally the Rock has come back to Monday Night Raw!" You will see him from time to time on Raw but don't count on him being there a lot.

For WWE Kane Fans Who Haven't Yet?

He's in Hollywood baby!

What should I change my avatar to?

He's not, it's just for one night to advertise the battle of the millionares in WM23. But seriously he needs to go back there even if he's injured(i'm not being a **) I mean doctors said Shawn can never wrestle again but look he's still doing it out there.

What time and channel is ufc on in the uk?

in hollywood making movies

My question is to those who watch wrestling is whats good?whats bad ? and could be done to improve wwe?

probly being smart and staying away

WOULD these MATCHES rule OR not?

He always says that. And it's not true that he's coming back. Sadly, the Rock may never step into a WWE ring again.

Who do you think is the most unpredictable wrestler ever?

who cares he is a sell out now he is old news

Ken Kennedy fans?

he never said that.. you want to see the rocks bottom?? alot of people do.. not me though.. i like pie.. just like the rock..

Is swimmer really a swimmer?

i like pie, too.

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