2 Mr. Kennedy questions?

Question:1. Does anybody know what his song's name is and what band sings it? if u do ill appreciate it
2.When do u think he will get World Heavyweight gold?
i think at wrestlemania 24 after he wins the royal rumble


When is ECW going to get new intro music?

1.I can't remember who sings it,but I know who it is.
2. Mr. Kennedy will win it between SummerSlam and Wrestlemania..THEN WE WILL HEAR THE NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION..MR. KENNEDY..KENNEDY

Why dont we ever see boxervs wrestler anymore they used to be fairly entertaining?

I have no idea! i think he sings it lol

he will probally get it in between now and Judgment day

What happened on ecw last night?

firts one i dont konw but i will find it.

i dosent matter if kennedy makes it to jugement day or not as you probely know edge is the new champ and he won the money in the bank.

Who should retire/leave by the end of WM24?


but if he never get injured, he was supposed to do what edge did on smackdown.
but at least he doesnt have a seriosu injury and will only be out for a month or two

Do you know that Dave Taylor is 50 years old?

1. Don't know.
2. He could beat Edge for the Title.

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