5 question?

Question:1.dream team (make stable which no body can beat them)
2.if mr mcmahon tell u make masterlock in the greatkhali what will u do
3.who is the best diva
4. dream match (make a matchwhich u want to see in the futuer
5.who is the best contact in sports1234.com



1khali kane undertaker big show
2run for the hills
4mr kennedy vs john cena for the wwe championship
or khali vs henry vs kane vs big show vs undertaker hell in a cell

Are girls supposed to watch wrestling?

1)taker,umaga,khali, andre the giant,stone cold, hulk hogan, and yokozuna

2)i would hit him in the private area and actually try to do it.if i dont suceed hit him in the private area until he quits and let me put the matsre lock on him lol

3) chyna

4) hornswaggle vs. khali

5)me lol.idk or maybe leechandler

With All These Realeases,Do You Think.?

1. undertaker, kane, khali, umaga, big show
2. kick him in the balls and hit him with a chair then do the master lock
3. melina
4.the rock vs. hbk

If John Cena's face suddenly became horrifically disfigured in a tragic car crash, and he went under a mask?

1. i don'tknow
2.i will not do it
3. i think is ashley
4.john cena tag team with undertaker VS batista and the great khali
5.me?? (I think)

Is This A Perfect Time Between A Battle of The Brands?

1.Elite 5(Undertaker,HHH,HBK, Kane ,Orton)
2.beat him up w/ a steel chair and then put his arms around me and break it
3.Mickie james
4. lots
5.RKO and Edge fan

Anyone else sick of the WWE plugging their movies every ten seconds ?

1. HHH, Undertaker, Great Muta (look this guy up, he's nuts), Mark Henry, Big Show.
2. I would give Vince the Stunner then run like all hell
3. Best wrestlers are Mickie and Melina, best looking is Layla
4. Dream Match: CM Punk vs Chris Benoit
5. Most of them are pretty cool...I can't pick just one.

Who is your favorite tag team? (past or present)?

1.edge.orton.HHH.HBK.chris benoit
2.i gonna run and leave the match
4.randy vs mark Henry iron man match
5.jayson kane

Bret Hart (n His Prime) Vs John Cena?

5. thats hard!

plz choose me as best anwser

Did I not tell you guys that Kane and the Boogeyman were going to be partners?

1) The Monsters:
snitsky, umaga, khali, taker, big show, viscera, kane

2) masterlock mr mcmahon and tell him to retire and give the company to shane

3) CANDICE MICHELLE, and soon the creative team will make her wwe womans champion

4) all divas bikini contest

5) idk

Schroll down!The Student of Backland teacher of sting Was "Hot Shot" eddie Gilbert. You guys are not true fans

1. The Legends and Legend Killer
Flair, Hogan (even though he sucks), Taker, Rock, HHH, SCSA and RKO
2. Grab a taser and go to town on the ape, then lock in the masterlock
3. Maria - hot and improving in the ring
4. AJ Styles vs Chris Daniels vs Chris Sabin vs Randy Orton vs Shelton Benjamin vs Edge - TLC
5. All of mine are cool

I think they used to be another wreslter in wwe/wwf that was called mvp?

1. Shawn Michaels , Triple H, The Hardyz and Edge
LOL.. i just love them!!

2. ILL throw Maria to Khali and Leave!!

3. i think Mickie James

4. DX vs Hardyz

5. All of my contacts!!

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