A question for fans of fake "wrestling"?

How can you find any entertainment value out of watching terrible actors walking around in their underwear while pretending to hit each other?


Why do people hate lashley so much what has he ever done to you people??

because you touch yourself at nights

In the year of 2001 in the WWE,Do you think that Traci Dali was behind DDP?

Why do you care?

WHis the best wrestler in the wwe?

it's a gay man's dream

If you had to go on a road trip with a WWE superstar, who would you ride with?

maybe the same reason people go to see a fake cartoon superhero websling across New York while being chased by a man that can turn into sand.

It was The Great Khali!?

'hows it fake? i once fought my master(mr.snuggle wuggems my webkinz) and i got a level 5 concussion hows THAT fake and trump shaved my hair shoulnt gone to trump barbers when there moto is "umagia fans get a free blad cut(only one you get)!"


Why the hell are you wasting your time at this
moment to write to us if you dislike wrestling?
How retarded are you?

Who would win this battle?

well im not a fan but understand your frustration. My ex-husband explained it to me like this--"you watch soapoperas-i watch soapoperas...my guys just pretend to beat each other to peices"

Anywhere online I can watch the Condemned WWE?

* u ** im geting tired of these retarted *** bitches why do u people give a damn!?!?

Petition WWE Cena lose the title every wrestling fan please sign I need as many answers as possible?

the same reason you get at yoself. i like wrestling. you like yoself.

I need a wrestling name.HHHHHEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP!!!?

wwe fans are gay

Are they gonna OVERADVERTISE The Condemned JUST LIKE they did with the other 2 movies!?

There is no entertainment my dude. Fake wrestling sucks balls

Im so sure that...?

Because you should go die in a hole.

Did john cena ever kiss anyone besides maria?

ounce you watch wrestling it brain washes you and you get addicted

and i love watching all the high flyers like Rey,RVD,Sabu,The Hardyz

and not all of it is fake

like the body slams for one

and the back chops to the chest

and all the hot guys

like Jeff Hardy,Cm Punk,Brian Kendrick and Paul London
and Matt Hardy is kinda cute ^_^

Is Hornswoggle and Finlay related?

good question. because it is entertainment.

HELP ! My friend has lost all hope of John Cena losing the belt and slowly cheering for him,WHAT SHOULD I DO

I AM SO FN SICK OF U PEOPLE. why are you on our section F*CK off, if you dont like it keep your opinions to your self or stick them up your candy@$$. IF YA SMEEEEEELL WHAT THE RAWBOY IS COOKIN!

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