Any extra early summerslam cards?

will rey mysterio face vince


Who would win in a match? Bloo or lashley?

so hard to predict a card thats not till August and it's only May, thats 3 months away and ANYTHING cound happen from now to then.

Undertaker is hurt
Kennedy Hurt
HBK Hurt
Booker Hurt (should be back then i think)

If anything, Edge Vs Rey
HHH Vs Cena
ummmmmm Hardys Vs Cryme Time (if they get a push)

Who wants to work in the W.W.E when they grow up? :-)?

Wow, tough call with SS being so far away.

Smackdown! Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (C) vs. Mr. Kennedy
(Dr. Andrews says the injury isn't as bad as they thought. 6-8 week injury)

RAW Main Event: WWE Championship: John Cena (C) vs. ___________
(Lets be realistic, Cena, sadly, ain't losing that title for a while)

ECW Main Event: ECW Championship: Lashley (C) vs. Umaga, Vince McMahon, and Shane McMahon
(Vince will keep this up forever, or almost forever, just like the DX-McMahon feud)

Woman's Championship: Melina (C) vs. Candice Michelle
(Huge push the last couple of weeks for CM. They will face each other many times before SS, and probably have the title change hands before that as well.)

The rest is really hard to predict. Too early to tell.

Why is Shawn a crackhead?

i read that on once long time ago

but like the other guy said, ss is far away and who knows what could happen.
vince could get slip at judgement day while going in to pin lashley or somethuing like that and then do the splits and then wont be able to "wrestle" for the rest of his life and will be on a wheelchair and everyone will laugh and then shane will have to run the buisness and then WWE will be good again and TNa will go down

Who saw "THE CONDEMNED" yesterday!!!!??

Rey vs Vince for the ECW Title, Rey wins.

What's this thing about Orton he's a jerk?

rey vs vince at summerslam?? what a slap i n the face for bout the match i know we are all craving BENOIT VS REY MYSTERIO FOR THE U<S TITLE

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