Cena or Batista? Do u like Batista?


Do you remember Chris Candido?

Batista would win. and plus I sort of like Batista

Is Devon cheating on Quita?

Cena Cena Cena!

I f you could have an entrance song- what would it be?

They both suck.

Why hasn't Lillian Garcia been on Raw lately?

1) batista
2) NO!

Who agrees Cena will walk into WM 24 as champ and walk out no longer champ?

Batista, I loooooove Batista = )

Who'd JBL ultimately root for now?

they are both cool
i like cena better
batista is not that cool anymore

How can the Internet know the future?

I like John Cena better

Who sings Latin American xchange theme song?


Who else is ECSTATIC that the Rated R Superstar took back what's rightfully his from Mr. Kennedy?

Batista is freaking awsome.

Who;s mark henry enmmi?

Their both great wrestlers.

Should Carlito follow Cenas foot steps and advertise the new apple slices at Subway?

wow the two worst excuses for "wrestlers" alive.

Dont u think...?

Batista for sure

Is Vince trying to make us like Cena?

i hate them both . . . but batista is better

How long does the jarett face turn last?


?Who sings the hardy boys entrance song?

well they both have their good qualities and bad qualities. I think alot of people hate cena cause he cant wrestle, NEWS FLASH people if you watch the wwe or tna your not watching it for wrestling your watching it forr the gimmick and storylines. so cena all the way cause he has a good gimmick. Don't forget the last match they had batita was on top but bombed his partner the legendrey taker and gave cena and michales the win.

Vote. TLC Match: Undertaker Vs. John Cena?

i hate ceman and batista
but batista is better than ceman

Do john ceman fans ever take baths since their always swatting fly's from their faces?

I respect them both. John Cena is a better wrestler, more victories obviously. Batista should remove his ugly tattoos on his body. Edge is not a good partner for Batista, too bad Edge lost his female companion to retirement.

Do you think mickie james is better than melina?


Who is a worsts wrestler Cena or Hogan?

1)Batista (2)Duh

Who is going to win?

batista, b4 i used to be a huge cena fan not im tired of him and his army gimmick
so batista's better, no offense

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